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Junior Travel Grant Program

Texas Tennis and Education Foundation Junior Competitive Player Travel Reimbursement Grant is available to assist competitive junior players with their travel expenses to National Junior Tournament Schedule events or ITF schedule events. Any player, whether Quota (already receiving monetary help from the USTA Texas Section) or not, may submit an application for this travel expense reimbursement grant associated with national events.

How much is the grant for?

The maximum amount to be awarded for each player during 2017 and 2018 will be $1,000. Should a player only have qualifying expenses of only $500 for the first half of the year, he or she will still be able to make another application and qualify for an additional amount not to exceed the maximum award amount specified above.

How do I qualify?

The criteria to be used for consideration of those junior players who apply are as follows:

- Need Basis (is there a true financial need associated with traveling to these events)

- Playing Performance (ranking and/or record)

- Quota player or not (is the player already receiving money from the USTA Texas Section)

- Player must also be in good standing with the USTA Texas Section

Applications will be accepted in the office of the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation; 8105 Exchange Drive; Austin, TX 78754.

There are basically three periods associated with National Junior events; therefore, there are three application periods with appropriate deadlines associated with each.

Travel Grant Applications

Due Jan 15 - Grant Period 1 (Winter/Spring: 2/1 - 5/31)

Due May 15 - Grant Period 2 (Summer: 6/1 - 9/30)

Due Sept 1 - Grant Period 3 (Fall: 10/1 - 1/31)

We are even more excited about this program and hope to assist more competitive junior participants within the USTA Texas Section with their travel expense needs. If you have any questions, contact the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation at 512/443-1334 ext 201 or by e-mail at vbarry@texas.usta.com for a more immediate response.

Applications available for download

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